Coaching programs

Our Lifestyle Management Coaching services will help you manage your life in general more effectively and achieve balance in a demanding environment especially when dating someone.We offer three coaching programs some of which are included in our Dating Services Packages.

Life coaching is professional individual and group accompaniment that gets concrete, measurable results. Through a personalized guide, the coached person discovers the tools necessary to take back control of his or her own life!!

Image consulting enhances image with respect for the personality, goals and needs of each person. It’s an aid in developing your potential by finding the right balance between the interior and the exterior. An image consultant will define the materials, colors, clothing style, makeup and hairstyle that highlights you, with respect for your tastes. And, a consultant will guide you in your choice of suit, shirt and tie… But it’s also an aid in learning nonverbal communication.

Personal Trainer will push you and motivate you and who will know how to adapt the intensity to your level so that you can progress at your own pace.


Individual and group coaching (Life Management, Image and Wellness)

Unlimited one-on-one discussions with our lead matching expert at a place of your choosing